CNC machining centers from EMAG

Machining Centers to Manufacture Complex and Heavy Workpieces

Machining centers are used by a wide variety of manufacturers. Be it wind turbine construction, production of utility vehicles or railway production—the challenges these CNC machine tools face are extraordinary: Heavy and large-sized components must be machined reliably with the highest precision.

The vertical machining centers from EMAG are used to machine components with complex geometries and large diameters. The vertical CNC machining centers can be equipped with a multitude of machining technologies and offer the greatest freedom when it comes to flexibility.

Overview of EMAG Machining Centers


VMC MT Machines: Complete Machining using a wide Range of different Technologies

With its top-mounted turning/milling spindle, the VMC MT series takes the VMC machine concept to the next level, making it a highly flexible production center. Complete machining with a wide range of different technologies are front and center with these turning/milling machines. The VMC 450 MT machine is designed to machine chucked parts up to 450 mm in diameter and the VMC 600 MT for workpieces up to 630 mm. The VMC MT machining centers offer a choice of different tool magazines with up to 80 tool posts.

VMC 450 MT Turning/Milling Machine

VMC 600 MT Turning/Milling Center


VMC 450-5 MT Machine: 5 Axes for Complex Geometries and Multi-Technology

Implementing the VMC 450-5 MT means that components which not only are heavy but also have directional bore holes and surfaces, can be machined.

VMC 450-5 MT Turning/Milling Center



The Machining Centers of the VLC MT Series: Multi-functional, flexible, stable

The multi-functional VLC machining centers from EMAG rely on vertical complete machining in a single clamping operation. The large-sized component is picked up by a pick-up spindle and machined all-round. The powerful milling spindle integrated in the Y-axis/B-axis of the machining center even allows for heavy milling and drilling operations to be performed. Up to 96 tools and automatic tool change are available for turning, drilling, milling, grinding and more.

VLC 500 MT Machining Center

VLC 800 MT Machining Center