EMAG Machine Tools – Tradition and Innovation

Decades of experience in machining, gear cutting, laser welding, electro-chemical machining and induction hardening go into the development and production of state-of-the-art machine tools from EMAG. The result: cutting-edge manufacturing solutions for a multitude of applications in the aerospace, automotive, off-highway and energy sectors.

VL 2 – Vertical Turning Machines

VL 2 – Vertical Turning Machines

Machine Tools and Manufacturing Systems

Chamfering and Deburring Machines

Chamfering and deburring with cutting-edge technology

Pipe and Coupling Machines

Machine concepts for flexible theading of pipes and couplings

ECM / PECM Machines

Electro-chemical machining for smooth production of strategic components.

Joining Machines

Heat shrink assembly technology

Generators and Heating Systems

Induction Heating from 5 up to 3.000 KW

Automation Systems

The TrackMotion automation system


The Optimal Manufacturing Solution for Nearly Every Application

By introducing its modular machines, EMAG underscored its importance as one of the most important manufacturers of machine tools. These modular CNC machines can be equipped with a variety of technologies.

Whether as a vertical pick-up turning machine for shaft or chucked components or as a vertical grinding center, nearly every kind of machining technology can be used with these compact machines. In cooperation with EMAG Group subsidiaries, additional CNC machines have been developed for the large batch production.

Thanks to gear cutting technology from EMAG KOEPFER, induction hardening from EMAG eldec, laser welding and automation from EMAG Automation, electro-chemical machining from EMAG ECM, and oil field technology from EMAG Leipzig, the EMAG Group can draw from a broad technological foundation to provide solutions from a single source for even the most complex manufacturing problems.